Signavio 10.9.0

Latest version of Signavio Business Transformation Platform that include following applications Signavio Process Editor Signavio Decision Manager Signavio Workflow Signavio Process Intelligence Signavio provide great tools for any organization to improve their business. As an example the Process Editor is in my meaning one of the best process design tools on the market. Very easy toRead More

A new tool for BPMN 2.0 modeling

Was scrolling in the my twitter feed and found this new tool for BPMN 2.0 modeling, It can be a choice depending on need. Still I propose Signavio because it is a good tool which also have collaboration features and provides ArchiMate notation.  

Signavio version 8.6.0

Signavio is a cloud based tool for Business Process modeling. It have a lot of nice features like collaboration and support for different notations. Features Version management with possibility to compare different versions Collaboration, either by getting comments on a model or by share models and work together Support for ArchiMate 2.1 (Enterprise Architecture) SupportRead More

Comparison of Enterprise Architecture methodologies

Roger Sessions from ObjectWatch wrote this article in 2007 about a comparision of the top four Enterprise Architecture methodologies. I find this article very interesting but so far I haven’t analyzed it completely to find out if anything have changed since it was written. When it comes to TOGAF, it have gone through som changesRead More

Bok om metoden Outside In

Detta är en bra bok om man vill sätta sig in i metodiken kring Outside In. De två första delarna är riktigt intressanta och givande. Tredje och sista delen kan kännas lite långrandig.  Boken kom ut i augusti 2012 och är skriven av Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine från Forrester.  Boken kan beställas från Adlibris.

Process design

Process design is important and some questions to be asked are for example, What part of the business do we want to improve? How does the process flow look like today(as-is)? What work do we need to do to improve our processes? There are some questions you need to answer when you want to improve and streamline the processes in your organization.Read More